Keeping Your Home Clutter Free

Now that you've learned how to get rid of the clutter in my previous blog (click HERE to get it)
Here are some key strategies to keep things the way you like with clutter free maintenance:

  • Make an appointment with yourself for clutter maintenance. Yes, literally set an appointment.  
  • Adopt the 30 second rule - If a job takes around 30 seconds or less to do, do it immediately. This applies to putting away your shoes, sorting mail, and other small jobs.
  • Check your CLUTTER spots. Remember those piles that you just got rid of? Clutter tends to accumulate in the same places--the front door, the kitchen table--little by little each day. So focus on the areas where you tend to leave clutter at the end of each day so they don’t turn into big piles again.
  •  Put YOUR Things Away! Once you have "a place for everything and everything in its place," you’re ready for this important companion rule - When you take something out, you should simply put it back.
  • Take 15 Minutes a few times a day to clean. You can get a lot done in 15 minutes, and it doesn’t impact your schedule too much to do so.
  • For every item you bring in, get rid of something. Depending on your stage in life, you will need some flexibility here.
  • Have people over more often, and really enjoy your home. Live like you really appreciate your newly beautified haven, and you’ll be automatically more likely to maintain it.
A WORD ABOUT When Clutter is “Good”  
Remember that all clutter is not bad. For many people, clutter is part of their creative process.
When beginning a creation – such as writing an article, mapping out a business strategy or creating a craft project – I pull out resources like books, clippings, articles, patterns, fabric and tools I need. How do I know this is GOOD clutter? I check in with myself. If I feel inspired, the clutter is serving me and contributing to my creative process. If I feel, drained, anxious or stressed, the clutter needs to be tamed.

When we take action to manage clutter irritations or distractions, it builds our confidence. We start feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally. And we come to realize that we can actually achieve success in other areas of our life as well.
Am I perfect at this? No. When I get very involved with projects my everyday maintenance may not happen. I use to beat myself up, now I’m older and wiser and accept that it is a process.

Please share in the Comments section below, ways you get a handle on your clutter. I’m always up for learning new tricks.
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Blessings for Health, Joy & Laughter,

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