Starting to Eat More Raw Food

There are different ways of approaching making changes to going raw, or more raw. That being said there really isn’t one formula that works for everyone. You may be a person that needs to research the information for months before taking the first step, and or you like to jump in and learn as you go. Let’s first look at what those who have been doing it for awhile actually eat.

Eating Like a Raw Food Eater

  • Think uncooked, unprocessed, mostly organic foods.
  • Staples: raw fruits, vegetables, soaked/sprouted nuts, seeds, and grains.
      • Ideal percentages seem to be 75-85% fruit, 10-20% green leafy vegetables, and 5% nuts and seeds. Pears
      • Soaking nuts and seeds dissolve their enzyme inhibitors making digestion easier
      • Sprouted seeds contain vital elements which nourish our glands, nerves and brain. The hormones needed by the body are created out of the natural fat and other essential principles found in seeds.
  • Some raw food eaters indulge in unpasteurized dairy foods, raw eggs, meat, and fish. Remember there are some potential health risks associated with doing this.
  • Your food can be cold or even a little bit warm.
      • Food heated above 105 degrees begins to change from it’s healthiest form 
      • Food heated over 118 degrees is considered dead.

Some Simple Steps to Get You Started

  • Keep it simple and eat a variety
  • Eat lots more fruit, start breakfast and lunch with it
  • salad greenAdd in more fresh veggies, a salad is more than lettuce and tomatoes (I like to add in sprouted bean or lentil, cucumbers, radishes, … well whatever I have on hand)
  • Keep soaked/sprouted nuts and seeds in the frig for easy snacking
    • Soaking removes enzyme inhibitors
    • Proteins, minerals, vitamins and enzymes increase 300% to 1200% with soaking / sprouting
    • Rule of thumb: nuts or seeds with brown skins (almonds, walnuts, filberts, pecans, etc.), have a high level of enzyme inhibitors and need to be soaked for several hours to ensure complete digestion. White nuts (macadamias, pine nuts, hemp seeds, etc.) require very short soaking time or no soaking at all, since the amount of enzyme inhibitors in them is negligible. Personally I choose to give them a quick soak just in case. I actually soak nuts all overnight, especially the brown skinned nuts —a great “universal standard” that helps keep things simple. Keep in mind that recommended soaking times may differ from one chart to the next depending on the original sources relied on and authors’ personal preferences.
  • Introduce eating more raw foods slowly into your diet
  • Try a simple new recipe each week, start with a desert or appetizer
  • Do your own research to learn what is best for you if wanting to go deeper Make it even healthier by using essential oils to boost flavor and nutrition benefits. Not all brands are safe for internal use which is why I ONLY use doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

I have found that eating more raw food really wasn’t difficult once I decided to do it. Sort of like most things in life.

Here are a couple easy recipes to get you started:soup cup

No-Cook Tomato Soup

Cucumber Soup  

Happy eating!


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