De-STRESSing the Holidays with Meal Shortcuts

I thought you might also like some meal shortcuts. I use most of these all year long but even I need a reminder especially during during this upcoming time of year!

In my previous post I shared some of the things I do to De-Stress the Holiday Over Load between Halloween and New Year’s Day. Check it out HERE. Click HERE to learn about using essential oils to help with de-stressing the Holidays or anytime of the year.


As a general rule, I have to remind myself that I just can’t do it all AND remain sane. family cleaningSo I now have others in the household share in the daily & seasonal chores. If they can do a job 75% as well as I do it, then they can do it. Unless of course it is to dangerous or personal.

My Meal Shortcuts

  • EVERY time you make a meal or snack – make twice as much. Store the extra for a time when you are rushed. With this you are more likely to stay with your health & weight goals. 

Do you dread playing hostess, doing all that cooking, making sure your house looks “perfect,” worrying about having enough space for guests to sit or mingle?

  • Revive the potluck. Ask everyone to bring a holiday favorite. You supply the wine, cocoa, and/or gingerbread men
  • Do as much prep work ahead of time as possible.
  • Delegate parts of the meal out to your guests, asking them to bring side dishes, desserts, drinks, etc.
  • Make a list of all your necessary Holiday dishes and baking, then determine from there what can be made in advance, or at least what prep work you can Chopping-foodget done early. That list will come in handy when grocery shopping too.
  • Before putting items away, chop up all vegetables, like those for stuffing or side
    dishes. Or at least store them all together so you eliminate the time searching. 
  • Combine all spices needed for dishes, like your favorite pie, in advance to cut out the time spent measuring.
  • Most side dishes can be cooked the day before, and warmed through the day of. Other holiday essentials, like cranberry sauce can be made weeks intappo_crowd-430x287 advance and frozen.

If all else fails EAT OUT. Make having a festive dinner at a restaurant your new holiday-season tradition — no cleanup!

Remember the most important thing is to enjoy your time with family and friends!


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