Freeze Protection for Your Plants
The plant blanket frost protection allows sunlight reach the plants, perfect for protecting plant from the damage of freeze or frost. I bought the cover in the Fall of 2021 & have been reusing them each winter ever since.

Galvanized Steel Raised 
Garden Bed

I bought two of these bottomless beds in 2022 & they have held up very well even in extreme temperatures!
Come in a variety of shapes & sizes.

Organic Fertilizer Spikes

I have been using the Jobe's Organic Fertilizer Spikes fo almost 10 years. They save me so much time with their time release fertilizer. Being pre-measured, I know the plants are getting just what they need to produce healthy & abundant flowers & produce.


Check Back as MORE Items 
Will Be Added

This MET Certified Seedling Heat Mat by Seedfactor has made all the difference in getting my seeds to germinate indoors. The even temperature is perfect for our usually too cold house for germinating.