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My Favorite Containers, Spray Bottles, Lip Tubes, Jars & More

This dispenser can hold eight ounces and is the most convenient way to dispense cleansing foam onto the hands. The sleek design serves as a subtly beautiful addition to your space.
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These Lip Balm Containers are sturdy, made of Food Grade Plastic. They hold up very well. 
I also like that the are made 
in the USA and are BPA FREE.

A good selection of sizes for all your spray bottle needs. Trigger and push sprays. Be sure to get bottles that have UV protection - heavy duty protection against degradation from ultraviolet light and keeps your essential oils safe plus the glass is not affected by strong oils like citrus.

GreenAir Diffusers  
This is one of my favorite brands of diffusers.   The Greenair diffusers come in many sizes & models for use in your home & car.  They also  have wall models that are great for small spaces 
like your bathroom.
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These 10 mL bottles have high quality steel roller and amber glass bottles. Perfect for blending, sharing, and enjoying your favorite DIY oil blends. 
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