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Are You Ruining Your Outdoor Time by Using Harmful Chemicals

Heading into warmer weather means you are probably spending more time outdoors.  I sure am! I love w...

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Diffuser Blends for Spring

It is officially Spring! Flowers are blooming or soon will be and that means so many wonderful aroma...

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DIY Nontoxic Body Wash with Essential Oils

I really enjoy a good fragrant & lathering shower. But after reading the ingredients on most store-b...

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Time to Thoroughly Clean Your Toilet Without a Gas Mask

Did you know there’s no federal regulation of chemicals in household products?  Rebecca Sutton, PhD,...

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Sunscreen Time Without the Toxic Chemicals

Sunscreen Time! I want you to think about this for a moment: 60% of what you put on your skin is abs...

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DIY: Natural All Purpose Cleaner

Have you ever read the cleaning directions on most All Purpose Cleaners? Years ago I did and was ver...

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Reducing Your Toxic Load with Herbs & Spices

I love enhancing the taste of my food by adding herbs and spices. For many years I have been on a qu...

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