You Can Use Aroma to Enhance Gratitude

Practicing Gratitude or Thankfulness has so many positive health benefits for us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

I’ve been practicing it for decades, so it come rather easily to me. But, I do have my days like everyone else and have found that through the use of essential oils, I am able to get myself back on the right path to keep my health at an optimum high. 

The most direct way in which our emotions can be triggered is by aroma, through our sense of smell. As an odor registers in our brain, depending on what we have smelled, we react to it either with pleasure or displeasure. Think roses verse manure. 

Essential oils are amazing, they have a natural power to them, an energy vibration if you will. Not only do they physically affect your body, but through their scent and the emotions evoked from those scents, essential oils can be extremely powerful to support the human mind and its associated issues like anxiety, stress, negativity, or a feeling of general imbalance.

When we concentrate on the things that we are grateful for instead of the things that we are stressed about, then we open ourselves up to receiving more of our gifts; and things flow better when our heart and mind are open.

Here are some essential oils you might benefit from using individually or in combinations.
Bergamot the oil of Self-Acceptance helps one see life with more optimism.

Black Spruce is grounding yet uplifting inspiring us to reach the sky and live our potentiality.

Coriander the oil of Loyalty helps to shift one from needing others’ acceptance to honoring and living from the True Self.
Frankincense is the oil of Truth and, also known as the King of oils. It is incredibly powerful and is also gentle like a loving father who nurtures, guides, and protects.

Geranium is the oil of Love and Trust or the Emotional Healer. It heals the heart, instills unconditional love, and fosters trust.

Myrrh the oil of Mother Earth assists one in developing feelings safeness and security.

Ylang Ylang is the oil of the Inner Child helping one to access intuition or ‘heart knowing’.   This oil also helps emotional healing to flow naturally, nurturing the heart through the process.
If you are interested in learning more ways to use these oils contact me HERE

Blessings for Health, Joy & Laughter,

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