Want an Easy to Make Hot Apple Cider Recipe?

This time of the year with the cool crispness in the air, I find myself yearning for Hot Apple Cider. Not only does it taste wonderful to me, I also love the aroma that fills my home. 

Over the years I have tried many combinations of spices all tied up in my little cheesecloth bundle, but this year, well I decided to just use essential oils. After all, I have had such great results when using them in baking and cooking recipes so why shouldn't this be any different. 
OH MY! Yes it was different - the BEST Apple Cider I have ever made!!! Or mix I have ever bought!!!
Why didn't I try this before? I don't know, but I'll never go back to the little spice bundles. 

Try this recipe for yourself and see if you don't agree. Leave me a comment on what you think.

Hot Apple Cider with Essential Oils*
  • 16 cups (1 gallon) good quality apple cider      
  • 20 drops wild orange essential oil  
  • 16 drops clove essential oil 
  • 12 drops cinnamon or cassia essential oil  
Pour apple cider into a pan and place on medium heat until warm but not boiling.
Add essential oils and stir well. 
If not serving immediately, place in a crockpot to stay warm. 
Store leftover cider in the fridge. 
Yield–16 cups

Do you want the great smell of mulled cider wafting throughout your home but don’t want to make a batch?
No worries, just use this awesome Cider Diffuser Blend Recipe in your favorite diffuser and enjoy this great smell of Christmas anytime
Cider Diffuser Blend   
3 drops Wild Orange    
2 drops Cinnamon or Cassia 
2 drops Ginger 

*Not all essential oils are safe to ingest, in fact most are not, even those that say food grade. This is why I am VERY particular about which essential oils I use. 
You can get the 4 oils in these two recipes (Wild Orange, Cassia, Clove & ginger) along with the Wholesale Customer Discount and my Cooking with Essential Oils Course by clicking the button below 


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