Overcoming Discouragement

Do you ever feel discouraged? You are not alone. It is a normal part of life. Regularly we encounter setbacks and disappointments and we have had a very challenging year. This feeling can cause a loss of confidence and enthusiasm. Discouragement can also come from a fear of failure, not having a plan to reach goals, or negative self-talk. It is okay to feel discouraged but staying that way can often stop us from accomplishing the things that are important to us.
Here are a few suggestions for overcoming discouragement:
  • When you feel discouraged acknowledge it to yourself. People who never feel discouraged are out of touch with themselves and the world.
  • Encourage someone. Your needs may be revealing what others may need.
  • Stop trying to control things you can’t control. Let it go.
  • Exercise
  • Solve a small challenge or complete a project. Checking something off your list will help lift a weight off your shoulders
  • Feeling alone can be discouraging, so find a friend by being a friend.
  • Journal. Write a list of what you are grateful for each day. I like to do this in the morning so it sets the tone for the day.
  • Reinterpret your setbacks. Look at them as learning experiences and stepping stones.
  • Do something fun.
  • Change up a routine.
Use essential oils to help lift yourself out of discouragement! (I linked the oils so with just a click you can learn more about each)

To counter negative self-talk, try using grounding oils like Sandalwood and Balance the Grounding Blend of essential oils. Apply to your wrists and neck, bottom of feet, or diffuse to help you keep perspective, and encourage a soothing, tranquil environment.

Sadness is often at the root of discouragement. Citrus and mint essential oils can be very beneficial for helping elevate sad feelings. Citrus oils such as Lemon, Wild Orange, Lime, and Grapefruit are high in limonene, a chemical compound known for their uplifting characteristics. These oils contain other compounds that are useful in creating a positive environment. Pick your favorite citrus oil and diffuse it, or put a couple drops in a glass of water to enjoy its benefits. Diffuse Citrus Bliss, the Invigorating Blend, in the morning to give the mood-enhancing benefits of citrus essential oils when you get up.  

 Mint essential oils like Peppermint and Spearmint help enliven the senses and give an energizing effect. You can also use doTERRA Motivate®, a blend of citrus and mint essential oils, to help you regain confidence in yourself and your goals.

The  Mind & Mood Wellness Kit program is a great way to get yourself back on track. Watch this short video (2.23 minutes) explaining about the kit. 

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