DIY: Natural All Purpose Cleaner

Have you ever read the cleaning directions on most All Purpose Cleaners? Years ago I did and was very disappointed to see that after I used the cleaner I needed to go back and wipe everything down again if used on an eating surface. If you have small children or pets, well that means EVERYTHING has to be re-wiped! Why? because of the ingredients in the cleaner aren't safe for consumption. This started my journey of in search of a natural cleaner. I came up with a cleaner containing water, vinegar and elbow grease.    
Fortunately a few years ago when I started using essential oils, there was mention of using Lemon essential oil  because of its ability to clean and purify surfaces, it helps ward off free radical with its antioxidant benefits AND it promotes a positive mood and cognitive ability. Not to mention it smells wonderful! Sooo... I decided to add some to my water and vinegar solutions and what I found was that the combination worked so much better that I seldom need to apply any elbow grease! Course the drawback was that I needed to find another workout to keep jiggly arms at bay. Oh, I should mention that I have been saving lots & lots of money too!

Here is the basic recipe along with a list of other essential oils you might want to try:
What You Need:
  • Add all ingredients to spray bottle. 
  • Shake thoroughly before using (remember oil & water separate)

Essential Oil Combo Suggestions:
15 drops each of Lavender and Lemon
10 drops each of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Wild Orange
30 drops OnGuard®, the Protective blend (My Favorite)
15 drops each of Grapefruit and OnGuard, the Protective
 Not all essential oils brands are safe to use which is why I ONLY use doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils. To learn more or to get them at wholesale contact me

Happy Natural Cleaning,

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