Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

so you can live younger healthier happier longer

Oatmeal Snack Bars

This is one of my favorite "little" snack bar recipes. I like that it is quick and easy to make to h...

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Flourless Brownies

It may surprise you to know these flourless brownies are made with Black beans. They are a delicious...

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The Power of Protein

It is the beginning of the year and many are turning their focus onto what they are eating in an eff...

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Simple & Effective Mouthwash Made with Essential Oils

Other than saving a lot money, you might be wondering by bother with making your own mouthwash. Just...

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Overcoming Discouragement

Do you ever feel discouraged? You are not alone. It is a normal part of life. Regularly we encounter...

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Emotional Eating - What is it and what can I do about?

Emotional hunger starts in your mind, not your body.   When you're happy, your food of choice could ...

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