Healthy Habits

  • Back to Basics: Steps To A Healthy Body

    The kids are back in school, sport activity schedules are in place so NOW IT IS TIME TO REFOCUS ON YOURSELF! That maybe to start new projects or get back on track with the goals made earlier in the year. No matter whether you are starting or re-starting, the Fall is a great time to get going! Since my focus is on creating a ‘Healthier Lifestyle’ it can cover many areas of your life.  Today I’m going to focus on our physical health and what that entails regarding what we are DOING and what we are putting INTO our bodies.

    With all the emphasis on fixing out gut, reducing brown fat or toning up flabby arms, it’s easy to overlook the basic things that help us accomplish it. Contrary to the belief of many, a Healthy Body is achieved by 20% what you DO with your body and 80% what you PUT INTO your body. No amount of exercising will give you a “healthy” body if you do not also give it the correct fuel.

    I would love to hear what Healthy Habits are you creating? Leave a comment below.

    Do you need a little extra help or encouragement? Leave a comment or email me for a more private concern. to send an email 


    What Are You Doing?   

    • Exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week. Be sure t o alternate between cardo and strength training routines. Stretching daily is highly recommended.
    • Get 7 – 9 hours of Sleep a night. If you don’t you are sabotaging your hormones and will make getting and staying healthy a lot harder. (more on this upcoming)
    • Remove Toxins by doing a cleanse at least seasonally AND add to your water, ½ fresh lemon juice (be sure to rinse afterward or it will erode your tooth enamel) or 3 drops of a citrus Essential Oil to your water 1st thing every morning   (Buy citrus essential oils that are safe for ingesting HERE)
    • Keep a “Food and Exercise” Journal. And/or keep a “Dining Out” Journal
    • Eat smaller portions & eat 5-6 times a day
    • Choose more nutrient dense foods
    • Breathe deeply through out the day
    • Practice Mindful eating

    What Nutrition Are You Putting INTO Your Body?  

    • Drink Water- Since 60-70% of your body is composed of water this is vital. Water plays an extensive range of functions essential to life. How much? The recommendation is half your body weight in ounces of water. (If your weight is 150 pounds, you will need to drink 75 ounces of water)
    • Limit alcoholic and soda consumption
    • Eat Breakfast and focus on selecting whole grains & lean protein
    • Have Protein from a variety of sources. Protein is one of the basic building blocks of the human body, being about 16 percent of our total body weight.
    • Eat fresh fruits daily. It is best to eat them in between meals or before meals.   If you eat them directly after a meal your body will store it away as unused energy.
    •  Include raw vegetables into your daily diet. Nutritionists tell us that the darker the vegetable is the richer it is in nutrients. Concentrate on the ones that are dark green, dark purple and dark orange. This will give you the most benefits.
    • Enjoy whole Grains & Seeds
    • Daily include limited amounts of healthy Oils & Fats
    • Limit refined/prepared foods
    • Eat foods that are high in fiber. These foods will help you control cholesterol levels as well as giving you the feeling of feeling fuller. Some examples of these types of foods would be whole grains, fibrous vegetables and legumes
    • Eat 1 serving or less of sweet or salty food each day
    • Take High Quality supplements 3 times a day Get them HERE

    What Thoughts Are Your Putting INTO Your Body

    • Be aware of your thoughts. Your mental attitude is something you can control outright and you must use self-discipline until you create a Positive Mental Attitude — your mental attitude attracts to you everything that makes you what you are.”        Napoleon Hill
    • Help improve your thoughts by reducing your stress level. Do it by taking a walk, or listening to some music, closing your eyes for about 5 to 10 minutes and just think about something pleasant and peaceful, relax your mind. Just about everyone have some sort of stress in the course of daily living from home, work, kids, traffic, money problems etc. If possible, try to get a job that you really enjoy. If not possible at this time, intentionally look for all the good things about your job. Besides paying you, what goods or services does it provide for others?
    • Need a little help with retraining your thinking process? Check Out my ‘Recommended Reading’ list 

    Remember the good news is, you don’t have to change everything at the same time. In fact, the trick to healthy living is making small changes. Add in more changes like, adding fruit to your cereal, having an extra glass of water or saying no to that second helping of buttery mashed potatoes.


    Looking for a natural way to stay focused on those changes?

    I found Rosemary Essential Oil enhances and sustains focus.

    Rosemary supports healthy digestion, soothes occasional sore muscles and joints, and helps reduce occasional nervous tension and fatigue.
    Did you know that you can add 1-2 drops to shampoo daily to help improve hair health?

    To purchase essential oils at RETAIL click HERE,   

    for Wholesale Customer discount of 25%+ (No selling, No monthly requirements) click HERE 

    or email me 

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    Wishing you a day filled with Healthy Habits!


    NOTE: The advice shared in document has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. Kindly understand that essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance – thus helping the body’s natural defenses to restore homeostasis

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  • Red, White & Blue Potato Salad

    July 4th is just around the corner and maybe you are looking for something different to bring to the get-together.  So, I thought this was a good time to share my Red, White & Blue Potato Salad. I love this recipe because it is not only tasty, it’s easy, keeps well for several days and looks festive too! Enjoy!


    Red, White & Blue Potato Salad

    Serves 6


    • 2 pound of assortment of red, white & blue potatoes
    • 2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
    • 2 Tablespoons Dijon mustard
    • 2 Tablespoons Red Wine vinegar
    • 2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
    • 2 Tablespoons plain fat-free Greek yogurt
    • ¼ teaspoon salt (optional)
    • ¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
    • 2 Tablespoons chopped chives
    • 2 Tablespoons chopped Italian flat-leap parsley

    Directions: Red white & blue potato salad

    • Halve potatoes, quarter any large ones
    • Place potatoes in medium pan with water to cover. Bring to boil then reduce heat to simmer and cook about 15 minutes or until tender (but not soft)
    • Drain potatoes and allow to cool, about 30 minutes
    • In medium bowl, whisk together oil, mustard, vinegar, juice, yogurt, salt & pepper until combined.
    • When potatoes are cooled, toss with dressing, cover & refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. (Can be overnight)
    • Sprinkle the salad with chives and parsley, toss and serve.

    Per serving: 162 calories, 4g total fat, 173mg sodium, 27g carbs, 3.5g fiber, 3.5g protein

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  • DIY: Relax & Detox Bath Salts

    It’s time for a little Spring Cleaning and a good reminder that we should regularly be doing a little ‘Spring Cleaning’ inside our bodies as well. This DIY: Relax & Detox Bath Salts make it an enjoyable process.

    This is a process of soaking the body in a hot bath with Epson Salts (unscented) and essential oils.  Be sure and mix the oils well before entering the bath.

    • 1 cup Epson Salts
    • 4 drops each of Lavender, Geranium, Lemongrass essential oils (contact me
    • 1 tub of hot water
    • soak 30 minutes or a long as comfortable bath salts
    • follow with a warm soapy shower to rise off toxins, then a cool rinse
    • use daily, weekly, monthly depending on the health needs of the individual
    • be sure to drink lots of liquid (filtered water, water with Lemon essential oil or other citrus oils)

    First thing every morning I drink filtered water with Lemon Essential Oil. It is a great tonic for the liver and helps rid our bodies of toxins including petro-chemicals. Due to its high limonene content, Lemon is a powerful natural cleansing properties that can help ward off free radicals. Taken internally, Lemon provides cleansing and digestive benefits, can soothe an irritated throat, and supports healthy respiratory function. This is my go-to essential oil to help keep my body healthy.

    Tell me below what do you do to rid toxins from your body?

    Happy soaking!


    NOTE: The advice shared on this site has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. Kindly understand that the products and essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance – thus helping the body’s natural defenses to restore homeostasis.

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  • Increase Your Goal Success

    We are now in the 2nd half of January, so how is your New Year coming out so far?
    Are you part of the 5% still working toward their goals? Or are you in the 95%, those people who have made a New Years Resolution and have already broken it?
    Most people don’t even make resolutions because they have been disappointed year after year on their lack of follow through.
    That’s because so many of the times resolutions are just “wish lists”.

    It is only natural that at the beginning of each New Year, people want a fresh start. If you have been ‘wishin an dreamin an hopin’ with out planning and taking action on that plan, then you are just dreaming. The nice thing about setting a goal and taking action on the plan towards achieving it, is that you can start ANYTIME! Yes, it is not too late!

    Check out these 3 Things to Increase Your Goal Success

    1. Start focusing on WHY instead of focusing on WHAT

    I think we are all pretty good at making plans. But it is the following questionmarkthrough that is the real struggle. At the beginning, we are filled with excitement of the idea. As the weeks go by and we aren’t seeing the results we want, it can get really hard to keep on going. At least that is what happens to me if I don’t have a really STRONG WHY I AM DOING THIS!

    So what is your WHY? Is it really a certain weight or dollar amount? Or is it really what that weight or money will get you, how you will feel? Like more energy, stamina to keep up with the kids, do more with family and/or friends, more emotional freedom. I have often told people to keep asking themselves why until they get an answer that makes them wan to cry. Then you know you got it!

    Write it out in positive statements in the present tense, as if it is happening NOW! Read it, preferably out loud, morning and night. Some find making a ‘vision’ board a very helpful reminder.

    1. Focus on Adding the Right Things into your life instead of taking the wrong things away.

    The Strawberriesidea is to increase the good things or habits so as to crowd out the not so good. One of the nice things about this is it reduces guilt. Guilt just adds more stress and bad feelings which aren’t very productive.


    1. Surround Yourself with Support

    Surround yourself with good people who posses solid experience, sometimes family or close friends are not the best choice because it means you will cd-book-glassesbe changing which will directly affect them. The more people you associate with (through being with or through CDs, books, presentations, etc.) who relate to your goals/dreams the more support you will get for those goals and dreams.


    Goal SuccessNeed a little more help with setting and achieving your goals? Check out a previous blog on how essential oils and asking good questions can possibly do just that. Get it HERE

    Achieving a goal is a process and it is in that journey that we really find success!

    Blessings on all your efforts,


    P.S. Leave a comments below on what you have found helpful towards reaching your goals. I always like hearing from you!


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  • Mouthwash made with Essential Oils

    Other than saving alot money, you might be wondering by bother with making your own mouthwash. Just take a look at the ingredients on the back of your mouthwash bottle. More than likely you will discover that you are actually getting a mouthful of chemicals.

    The active ingredients in mouthwash usually include Benzalkonium chloride, Methylparaben, Hydrogen peroxide, Domiphen bromide, Hexetidine, and Chlorhexidine gluconate. (Contact me to learn more about each active ingredient here.Other popular ingredients include foaming agents, ethyl alcohol, flavored oils (not necessarily natural), antimicrobial ingredients, colorants, preservatives and fluoride.   mouthwash-l

    Ethyl alcohol, one of the most popular ingredients, can weaken the lining of gums and oral cavity, which can increase the risk of damaging chemicals affecting your DNA. Research reported by Standford University suggests, though it is not conclusive, that the alcohol in antiseptic mouthwash might increase the risk of oral cancer. To learn more about the study contact me 

    Most mouthwashes also include synthetic colors, aromas, and flavorings—which are basically perfumes. These perfumes and alcohols contained in most mouthwashes may take away mouth odors temporarily, but they can also alter the basic flora and pH of your mouth and throat which can have serious side effects.

    Not all mouthwashes are created equal, and some use more questionable ingredients than others. One way to freshen your mouth without the worry is to create your own mouthwash using essential oils that are naturally cleansing, purifying, or germ-destroying in nature.

    You can easily make your own mouthwash that is free of chemicals, perfumes, preservatives, artificial colors, and more with two simple ingredients—water and essential oils—which can be just as beneficial (if not more) than chemicals used in traditional mouthwashes.

    Try this simple and cost effective mouthwash recipe for a clean, refreshed, and healthy mouth.



    • 10 drops of doTERRA essential oil(s)
    •   2 cups water (distilled, filtered, or boiled water)
    •   16 ounce dark glass bottle


    1. Put 10 drops of the essential oil(s) of your choice into the glass bottle or jar. (Not all essential oils are equal in purity –  learn more.)
    2. Pour in 2 cups of distilled, filtered, or boiled water into glass bottle. Note: If you boiled water, make sure you let the water come to room temperature before adding to bottle.
    3. When using, shake first and take a small sip of your homemade mouthwash. Swish around your mouth and gargle for 30 seconds. Spit out, DO NOT swallow.
    4. You’re done! It’s that easy.

    There are many essential oils you could use in your mouthwash. Below are a few suggested oils you could use, by themselves, or by combining two or more to make a blend. My favorite to use is doTERRA CPTG OnGuard, the Protective Blend.

    Essential Oil Suggestions

    Lemon, Melaleuca, Wild Orange, Protective Blend, Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintergreen, Cinnamon or Cassia

    To purchase oils at Retail click HERE.

    Email me to get Discounts! 

    Note on Cinnamon essential oil: Be careful when using Cinnamon essential oil as it can be irritating if too much is used. Start with 1 drop and gradually increase if desired.

    Note on Wintergreen essential oil:   Wintergreen is not labeled for internal use as it contains some phytochemical constituents that can make you sick when taken in large doses.  We use a child safety cap on Wintergreen because it smells like candy and don’t want kids drinking it, although it would be very hard to gag down enough to hurt someone.  Some oils are not recommended for internal use because they are either not safe or there are no health reasons to use them internally.  It does not mean they are not pure or safe; they are just not used in that way.  Some individuals use Wintergreen in small amounts for a mouthwash and it is not an issue in this regard.  However, we don’t recommend you use high levels (more than 20 drops at a time) of any essential oil internally because they are very concentrated.  It is important to remember that more is not always better.

    I love my essential oil mouthwash because I know that I am doing something about reducing the toxins in my body which helps keep me healthier. By using doTERRA OnGuard Blend I am also boosting my immune system and that keeps me healthier, too.

    And this mouthwash has already save me tons of MONEY too!

    What is your favorite essential oil(s) to use in your mouthwash???

    Blessings for Health, Joy & Laughter,


    P.S. Where to get ‘glass’ bottles???  HERE

    The advice shared in document has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. Kindly understand that essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance – thus helping the body’s natural defenses to restore homeostasis


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  • Get Back on Track After the Feasting

    I am hoping you had a wonderful Holiday Season full of great time with family and friends. And of course lots of tasty food and seasonal drinks. All that being said, now is the time to get back on track after the feasting. Yes, I know there are still some days of partying left so… I thought these tips would help get you started. I follow them after each time I not only attend a party but just eat out and they really help me get my mind around staying on track again.

    You know if I or you wait until ALL the partying is done, we would never get back on track and then it is so much harder to get started again! To be honest if we are living a full life, the partying is NEVER done. There are Football playoffs, Valentine’s, Basketball, Birthdays, Hockey, and the list goes on and on. That’s why I choose to enjoy the party in moderation and follow up with my 3-day plan to get re focused. Works for me and I hope it will help you as well!

    AFTER the Party:

    • Drink plenty of water (at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces)
    • Next 3 days eat light & less – especially sugary & fatty foods
    • Get plenty of Fiber; 25 grams minimum
    • Snack on raw or lightly steamed veggies
    • green-tea Detox: Drink clear broths, lemon water and add citrus essential oils to your water or drink herbal teas such as peppermint, ginger, or lemon to help alkalize your body. A lot of the foods that we eat at parties are acid producing—alcohol, animal protein, sugar—these things are going to put stress on your immune system and your digestive system
    • Get extra Vitamin C to help with the detoxification
    • Get moving again, not a workout, rather stretching, turning, walking to get things move downward. A great and relaxing position is to lay on the floor with your bottom next to a wall and rest your legs up the wall.
    •   If you find yourself with an upset stomach from over indulging on foods your body isn’t use to (for me that would be anything fried), rub a drop or two of the Digestive Blend of essential oils on your stomach. Works wonders at relieving the discomfort for my husband and me in less than five minutes!
    • If you over did it, don’t beat yourself up, it is just one event/day and guilt will just cause you to indulge in leftovers. (Think of it this way – if you are driving your car and got a flat tire, you wouldn’t get out and slash the other three! No you fix the flat and get back on the road.)
    • Revisit your “Why” you want to be healthier and or lighter, visualize doing activities you love at your healthiest state

    Focus on getting back into a healthy routine again and you will be back on track in no time!

    Wishing you a Healthy & Happy Year Ahead!


    To Purchase or learn more about essential oils contact;

    The advice shared in document has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. Kindly understand that essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance – thus helping the body’s natural defenses to restore homeostasis

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  • 12 Way to De-Stress the Holidays

    The Holidays are here and causing this to be a stressful time for many. Family and friends are coming in to visit, there are parties to go to, meals to prepare, a lot of shopping to do; the list goes on and on. Give yourself a gift and check out the list below for ways to remove some of the stress and put back in more of the Holiday Cheer. – It won’t take long to look this over – I promise!


    1.  It might seem counterproductive to cram in time for yourself during what’s supposed to be a season of giving and loving others.  But gifting yourself with regular time to regroup, without distractions, gives you both energy and calm — making you more fun to be around AND you will be able to focus better therefore accomplishing more in less time.

    2.   Get your sleep, exercise, water & healthy eating. Do this last one 4-5 times a day

    cookie-exchange-invitations-2  3.   Before answering an invitation to an event or even a casual activity; check in with your body first, to notice how you feel. Are you excited or tense, relaxed or headachy, calm or vaguely nauseated. If you’re not good to go, don’t go. Don’t worry about what others will think. And if you do simply say, “I’m not sure, check back with me in a couple days.” Chances are very good they won’t and you will be off the hook!

    Have a mile-long gift list that you can’t seem to pare? Dread the jammed mall? Simplify gift giving with a little creative thinking that emphasizes people over stuff.

    4.   Give the gift of experience. Tickets to a sporting event or arts performance, a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, membership to a zoo or museum. This can become a gift to yourself with one-stop shopping when you give the same gift to many recipients.


    5.   Give the present of your presence. This is one of my favorite ways to give! It reduces stress of doing it now and it spreads out the giving, receiving and FUN over many months. Make coupons for activities you can share with an older or younger relative: shopping or fishing outings, regular ice cream parlor visits, time to read together or play cards together. Young parents might like babysitting favors. Older adults might welcome drives in the country.

    I even made up the certificate for you Click to get your Holiday Gift Certificate , my gift to YOU!

    6.   Give a handmade holiday.  Try burning CDs, making movies, making spaghetti sauce, baking, almonds in jar spicedcrafting, drawing, and so on. It’s amazing how creative even non-“handy” people can get.

    Need something quick AND easy? Check out my Roasted Nut Recipe HERE   


    All those lights, all that razzle-dazzle — it takes effort, not to mention energy and resources. This year simplify.

    7.   Put up just a few lights or better, Skip the lights in front of the house — and maybe even the tree. Fewer watts to burn, fewer strings for you to get tangled in.

    8.   Decorate with natural elements. Fill bowls with pinecones or clove studded oranges. Bring red berry &/ or pine branches indoors (or snip boughs from the bottom of the tree). When the season ends, you can just pitch everything on the compost pile.

    A lot of holiday stress is rooted in the name of tradition. You know doing certain things, in a certain way.

    9.   Find out which parts of the holiday truly means the most to your loved ones. You might be surprised by what others really like. Is it caroling? A special feast? Driving around to look at the lights and decorations? Keep one or two of those traditions — period — and do them up! Shift your focus. Decide to make happy memories, rather than continue traditions for tradition’s sake. The more relaxed an event, the more likely everyone will want to keep it up, making future holidays easier, too.

    10. Take a look at your daily and seasonal chores. Start delegating. If a person (children included) can do a job 75% as well as you do it, then they can do it. Unless of course it is to dangerous/ personal.

    11.  This short-cut I use all year round! – EVERY time you make a meal or snack – make twice as much and store the extra for a time you are rushed. This gift to yourself will definitely help you to more likely stay with your health & weight goals.

    12.  Take a little time to plan ahead which will save you a lot of time and
    • Make a list of everything needed for your meals (this can also become your shopping list).
    • Before putting away the groceries, chop up what is needed for a recipe.
    • Make as many dishes as far in advance a possible.
    What do you do to reduce the holiday stress load??? Would love to see you comments!
    Blessing for a Healthy and Merry Christmas!

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  • DIY: Naturally Healthy Foam Soap

    Being that we are now in the seasonal/environmental threats season you might be tempted to purchase an anti-bacterial soap the next time you are out shopping. I don’t recommend it.

    After 42 year of FDA research as well as multiple independent studies, it’s revealed that these soaps, which contain triclosan, are no more effective than washing with plain old soap and water for just 30 seconds.

    The FDA announced on Dec 16, 2013 that manufacturers have until 2016 to prove their products containing tricloan are more beneficial and safe. If they don’t, they will have to pull the products. Read the report HERE

    Research is now going on as to whether:

    • Heavy use of antibacterial soaps may cause the creation of ‘Super-Bugs’, antibiotic-resistant bacteria (like the over use of antibiotics did).
    • These soaps could act as endocrine disruptors. (interfere with the body’s regulation of thyroid hormone for example).
    • Prolong exposure might cause development of allergies, especially in children.
    • These soaps are potentially bad for the environment.

    This alone is enough for me to put on my “caution cap” and I haven’t even touched on the other additives and chemicals that have toxic potentials. There is also the cost of these special soaps to consider. This makes me so happy to making my own soap loaded with “Natural” health supporting properties.

    Below is a recipe for a DIY: Naturally Healthy Foam Soap. There are many essential oils like Lemon, Lime, Wild Orange, Grapefruit which help promote a healthy immune system and cleanse and purify. I personally like using doTERRA OnGuard, Protective Blend. Because it is a blend of essential oils that

    • Supports healthy immune function
    • Protects against environmental threats
    • Cleans surfaces
    • Purifies the skin while promoting healthy circulation
    • Energizing, uplifting aroma

    DIY: Naturally Healthy Foam Soap          

    What you will need:

    • 10 drops essential oils of choice  Purchase them


    • Pour castile soap and Fractionated Coconut Oil into bottle.
    • Add essential oils.
    • Slowly add water into bottle making sure to leave room for the foaming pump.
    • Add lid, shake, and you are good to go!
    • When ready to use, just pump 1-2 times into hands and wash with warm water.

    There is no guarantee that washing your hands with essential oils will keep you from getting a bad bug.  But, since essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance – thus helping the body’s natural defenses to restore homeostasis, they just might help you overall.

    For more way to fight off colds and flu, check out this blog .

    Wishing you Health, Joy & Laughter!



    NOTE: The advice shared in document has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. Kindly understand that essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance – thus helping the body’s natural defenses to restore homeostasis

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  • Shorten Colds & Flu Duration Naturally

    O.K. so you’ve been boosting your immune system with good nutrition, regularly getting 7-9 hours of sleep, regularly exercising and have been working lowering your stress levels. You also took the precautions mentioned in my previous blog, ‘Natural Ways to Prevent Colds & Flu’     BUT you still caught the bug!   Yes, it happens.

    Be aware that a person with the flu is contagious starting the day before symptoms appear to about 7 days later according to the Centers for Disease Control. The flu can last up to a week for adults and longer for children and those with a compromised system.

    For the common cold, a person is contagious from 2-3 days before symptoms appear until recovery. But the first 3 – 4 days of symptoms is the most contagious phase. A cold can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on various factors. If the symptoms last for more than ten days or symptoms get severe, it is recommended that you seek medical.


    Get Plenty of Rest – those who are exhausted stay sick longer. Listen to your body and rest!   42-15530314

    Take some alone time – This is the when you’ll want to shy away from company. Stay home and take care of yourself.

    Watch your symptoms – If it goes from simple sniffles to raging sickness, contact your doctor. Your cold may have escalated to the flu.

    Drink plenty of water  – Dehydration can easily occur (especially if you are running a fever or vomiting). If you’re unable to keep fluids down, contact your physician.  Not into plain water, try herbal teas. Chamomile and Peppermint are good choices for an upset stomach. I also like using doTERRA’s DigestZen. It can be put into water but I prefer to simply apply a couple drops on my stomach and gently rub it in a circular motion around my navel. I find it helps with the upset stomach issue.


    Eat healthy foods – Listen to your body. It will probably tell you it wants ‘gentle’ foods like soup (get my easy Chicken & Vegtable Noodle Soup HERE), clear liquids, hot tea. Hot liquids in general might help clear mucus and help you breathe better.

    Drink Green Tea – There are so many health benefits that researchers swoon over it. Take care not to have your water get to the boiling point as this reduces the many health benefits. The warmth is very soothing and the steam will help clear the sinuses. If you like it sweetened add stevia (look below on why to stay away from sugar).  To change it up a bit and get MORE health benefits add one of the essential oil mentioned here.


    Add or 1- 2 Tablespoons of whole cloves to your green tea. Cloves have powerful antioxidant properties. (Antioxidants are known to lower infection rates from viruses and bacteria.) Cloves also have an anesthetizing effect so you might sense a little numbing which will help with occasional sore throat pain.

    To make Ginger Tea from 2 teaspoons of peeled grated fresh ginger root. Boil filtered water, add ginger and reduce heat to low. Allow to steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Then pour through a tea strainer or filter into a cup. Continue to strain ginger through a filter, discarding used pulp as you make each new cup of tea. Add stevia or honey to sweeten and a slice of lemon for an extra punch of Vitamin C. This recipe makes a full pot of tea. Ginger helps open blood vessels, allowing the body’s own defenses to circulate more easily. It also soothes  occasional nausea.Soda_pop

    Avoid Sugar – A single teaspoon of sugar suppresses the immune system from two to six hours. That means you could potentially be more susceptible to colds and flu for up to 24 hours after having a single can of soda or teaspoon of sugar in your healthy green tea!

    Let go of the ‘To Do List’ – A lot of the things we think are ‘must does’ aren’t really. The chores will still be there and surprisingly you may find that some can just be dropped. They really weren’t that important or urgent. Delegate as much as possible of the absolutely have to does.  You don’t want others getting sick because you overloaded them!

    tissue boxBlow your nose, constantly if necessary – you don’t want to be swallowing infected mucous. I like diffusing doTERRA’s Breathe, the Respiratory Blend to help clear my airways. Learn more about it and how to use it HERE

    Now’s not the time to save up – Dispose of all used tissues. As easy as it is to grab whatever is on the nightstand (including crumpled Kleenex), don’t! You may be furthering the cold.

    When a cold or flu does strike, act fast – No matter what you use as treatment, start taking it right away. Viruses duplicate within the first 48 hours of symptoms!

    Please consult a medical professional if your cold persists, if you have an extremely high fever, or if you develop a severe cough. As always, none of these statements were evaluated by the FDA and none are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition. Please check with your personal health practitioner before making any changes to your health regimen.

    I hope you feel better soon!  Kathy

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  • Natural Ways to Help Prevent Colds and Flu

    It is that time of the year when it just seems much easier to catch a cold or flu bug and to put on more weight. I found this interesting tidbit, the journal Medical Hypotheses reviewed a finding that catching a cold may triple your weight gain. Evidence suggests that the bug increases the number of glucose receptors on your fat cells, causing them to grow bigger in size and number and saddling you with up to 35 extra pounds. Thank goodness most of us do not gain that much weight! But unfortunately many do fall prey to illnesses this time of year.

    out sick

    The common cold and the flu are both respiratory illnesses with similar symptoms. So how can you differentiate between the two?

    The main difference between the common cold and the flu (influenza) is the severity of the symptoms.

    Flu symptoms generally:

    • Come on quickly and are severe.
    • Include fever, which tends to be higher and last longer (3 to 4 days) than the occasional low-grade fever that may accompany a cold.
    • Include body aches and severe tiredness or fatigue.

    Common cold symptoms:

    • Gradually get worse over a few days.
    • Are more likely to include runny or stuffy nose than the flu.
    • Often include a sore throat, while flu rarely does.
    • May cause tiredness, but it is much less severe than the exhaustion that comes with the flu.
    • Do not usually result in serious health problems and hospitalizations.


     Some Natural Ways to Help Prevent Colds and Flu

    What we eat, drink and do, will either aid or inhibit the body’s immune system. The ONLY cure for colds and flu’s is your body’s immune system.

    Drink water; avoid soft drinks. I know I sound like a broken record but Many people are chronically dehydrated and this impairs the immune system which increases your chances of getting sick. Soft drinks and caffeinated beverages DO NOT count toward “drinking more water” and, in fact, subtract from it as they generally act as diuretics.Water drinking

    Tired of drinking plain old water? Consider adding fresh lemon or Lemon essential oil to your water which has an alkalizing effect on the body so it can defend itself better from occasional immune attacks. In addition, because of its antioxidant benefits it helps ward off free radicals.

    Build up with healthy food As we are learning it really isn’t hard to eat healthily on a regular basis. Support your immune system by eating plenty of fresh fruits & vegetables, as well as drinking Green Tea. This is a lot easier to do than fighting off the flu.

    MH900422198   Get plenty of sleep. Potent immune enhancing compounds are released during sleep and many immune system functions are greatly increased by an adequate night’s rest. Multiple studies have demonstrated that people who are consistently deprived of sleep have impaired immune function.

    Work out  Not only does working out regularly enhance our immune function, it also releases endorphin which make us feel better. The key here is working out REGULARLY.

    Don’t Touch Your Face—Cold and flu viruses enter your body through the eyes, nose, or mouth.

    Wash Your Hands—Most cold and flu viruses are spread by direct contact. Someone who has the flu sneezes onto their hand, and then touches the telephone, the keyboard, a kitchen glass, etc. The germs can live for hours — in some cases weeks — only to be picked up by the next person who touches the same object. So Wash your hands often. How long to wash? A Hand washingcouple of Happy Birthday stanzas is about right

    Need to wash your hands but no sink is available? Rub your hands together very hard for a minute or so to help break up most of the cold germs. Or rub an alcohol-free hand sanitizer onto your hands. (Alcohol dries out the skin leaving it open to germs)

    Wear Gloves when going out to do your errands. Door knobs, shaking hands, money and grocery carts can carry lots of germs!

    tissue box  Use a tissue to cover your sneezes and coughs with your hands. Germs and viruses cling to your bare hands. Muffling coughs and sneezes with your hands results in passing along your germs to others. When you feel a sneeze or cough coming, use a tissue, and then throw it away immediately. Or sneeze or cough into the crook of your elbow or  pull your shirt neck up over your nose.

    Relax—If you can teach yourself to relax, you can activate your immune system on demand. There’s evidence that when you put your relaxation skills into action, your interleukins — leaders in the immune system response against cold and flu viruses — increase in the bloodstream. Train yourself to picture an image you find pleasant or calming.
    Research has also found that happiness may help you boost your immune system. So start thinking positive thoughts, romping with your pet, tickle your children, …

    Keep your distance from people displaying symptoms like sneezing and coughing. While that strategy may seem obvious, it applies to more than just strangers and colleagues. Stay away from sick friends and family when ever possible.

    Our purses pick up germs like we do, according to Joseph Brasco, MD, author of  The Great Physician’s Rx for Colds and Flu, so you could be re-infecting yourself every time you pick up your handbag. Put away your cloth purse during the winter months and carry one made of easier-to-wiNail bitingpe-down vinyl or leather.

    Stop biting your nails. Germs get under your nails and nibbling is a fast way to ingest them.


    In addition to the above precautions, one of my favorite ways to support my immune system naturally is by daily using doTERRA’s OnGuard Protective Blend. When it’s “the season” I will use a drop nightly on the soles of my feet for extra support. I also use the OnGuard Blend in my recipes below for daily support all year round! Check them out, they are so quick and easy to make!

    DIY Foaming Hand Soap

    DIY Mouthwash

    DIY All Purpose Spray

    There are lots more ways to help prevent colds and flu, share your favorites in the comments below.

    NOTE: The advice shared in document has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. Kindly understand that essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance – thus helping the body’s natural defenses to restore homeostasis

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