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  • Feel Less Stress with These 5 Essential Oils

    Feel Less Stress with Essential Oils*

    To purchase oils or learn more go to www.mydoterra.com/kathyskinner
    Balance, The Grounding Blend – oil of grounding, promotes a whole-body sense of relaxation. Begin your day by putting doTERRA Balance on the bottom of your feet for less stress throughout the day.

    Basil – oil of Renewal, supports those under mental strain.
    Apply it to the temples and the back of the neck to reduce feelings of tension.
    Console, The Comforting Blendoil of consolation,
     soothes emotional pain after periods of extreme stress. Smell directly from bottle or diffuse into room.
    PastTense, The Tension Blendoil of relief, helps reduce stress and anxious feelings and provide for grounding and balance of emotions. Apply to temples and back of neck.
    Serenity, The Restful Blendoil of tranquility, a unique blend that helps relinquish feelings of stress, anxiousness, and being overwhelmed. Smell directly from bottle or diffuse to help promote relaxation and decrease stress.
    Don’t have a Diffuser?
    Read my previous post for some natural “Stress Relieving Tips”
    Not all brands of essential oils are equal. Just because it may say ‘Pure’ on the label doesn’t mean it is, which is why I ONLY use
    doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.
    *NOTE: The advice shared in document has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. Kindly understand that essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance – thus helping the body’s natural defenses to restore homeostasis

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  • Stress Relieving Tips

    Just about everyone experiences stress in one form or another on most days. It can be from an ongoing issue or just an independent occurrence. Most of us consider stress coming from a negative situation, however, even good or happy events can cause stress. Over the long haul, stress not only is damaging to our body, it also can take away our JOY! Here are a few stress relieving tips you can start using right away.

    Take a Slow Deep Breath…and then, take a few more. Within 60 seconds, deep breathing sends signals to your brain to relax your nervous system, which tells your adrenal glands to stop pumping out the stress hormones, cortisol.  As a bonus, deep breathing will also increases your oxygen levels in your bloodstream which gives you more energy.

    Deep Breathing Exercise:

    • Sit, stand or lie down in comfortable position with good posture.
    • Gently take a slightly deeper breath than normal – it should feel natural & comfortable, not forced.
    • Hold it without straining then exhale.
    • Gently take a deeper breath into diaphragm region of upper abdomen; should feel stomach rising as inhale & lowering as exhale.
    • Hold slightly & then exhale, be sure to exhale fully.
    • Repeat for at least a minute.

    Perform this routine periodically through out the day, remembering to keep posture straight. Slouching compresses your lungs which means you won’t get as much air.

    Analyze Your Stress. Separate the things in your life that you find stressful into two categories: things you can do something about, and things you can’t. If you can do something about the stress causer, then do it! If there’s nothing you can do, then accept it and move on – Practice the art of the Law of Least Effort. Know that this moment is as it should be, accepting it as it is, not as I wish it to be. Every problem is an opportunity in disguise. ( from Deepak Chopra’s book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success  get it HERE)

    Monitor Your Negative Thinking Stress is often the result of fears that are based in our imagination. If you have this tendency, start replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Just changing your attitude can actually alleviate a lot of stress.


    Emotional Release Crying is an excellent stress reliever, especially if you have bottled up sadness and grief. Let your unresolved emotions roll down your cheeks and out of your life. Laughter is good medicine, too. Even if you are angry or depressed, just say ha ha hee hoo hoo. Soon, real laughter will come…and with it, joyful tension release.

    Meditation One of the ultimate goals of yoga is rest—and simple, quiet meditation accomplishes this quite effectively.

    • Sit with your head, neck, and trunk in alignment and your legs comfortably crossed.
    • Observe the quiet flow of your breath for several minutes.
    • Then practice soham meditation (pronounced “so-hum”).
    • On each inhalation, mentally say ‘so’.
    • On each exhalation, mentally say ‘hum’.
    • Stay with this mantra for at least 5 minutes.
    • If you are more spiritual centered you could say “Let God” or “Praise God”

    It will help you become one with your inner being, and soon your stress will melt away.

    Cultivate a Meditative Mind For example, When you walk, walk mindfully. Feel the cool grass under your feet. Notice your surroundings. Notice the brightly colored flowers, the beautiful trees, a single bird flying in the sky. By staying in the present moment, you will fall in love with your life. Then anything that touches you—even stress, anger, anxiety—becomes meditation. 

    Write it out. If you are having a hard time dealing, then journal it. Just be sure to end with some positives. Also, keeping a Gratitude Journal will help keep you focused on all the good in your life.

    Take a Relaxation Break To prevent the buildup of stress, Spend at least 5 to 10 minutes in savasana (corpse pose) daily.

    • Lie on your back with your legs and arms a comfortable distance from your torso.
    • Close your eyes, and let your muscles melt into the floor.
    • Then let the lungs do their job. Take a deep breath.
    • Bring your attention to the sensation of the breath flowing in and out of your nostrils, and notice how the exhalation is slightly warm and the inhalation is moderately cool.
    • If your mind wanders, gently bring your focus back to the breath. When thoughts arise, let them go.

    This practice balances the nervous system and fosters a relaxed, clear state of mind.

    Viparita Karani. (legs up the wall)

    • Lay on the floor with your bottom next to a wall.
    • While keeping your legs up the wall, elevate your pelvis on a bolster or folded blankets.
    • 5 minutes does the trick for me

    This pose stimulates the blood pressure sensors in the neck and upper chest, triggering reflexes that reduce nerve input into the adrenal glands, slow the heart rate, slow the brain waves, relax blood vessels, and reduces blood pressure.

    Other Stress Relief Yoga Poses Shoulder stand (sarvangasana), plow pose (halasana), half spinal twist (ardha matsyendrasana), locust pose (shalabhasana), and lion pose (simhasana) Check out this site with photos for poses and more!
    Get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep at night. And if possible, don’t wake to a blaring alarm clock since the noise causes a flood of stress hormones to be released.

    Exercise regularly but don’t overdo. Exercise is a valuable release for pent-up stresses.  Just Know your limits and don’t over exercise, since it can cause stress on the adrenals.

    Bath of Ginger & Baking Soda for Quick Relief.

    • To a hot bath add
    • 1/3 cup ginger or( 3 drops doTERRA Ginger Essential Oil)
    • 1/3 cup baking soda
    • Stir and get in
    • (Then, even if you are not a singer, sing in the tub!
    • Even if you’re not a dancer, dance with your arms. Spontaneous music and movement will help you get back in touch with your carefree side.)

    The circulation-boosting effects of ginger and the alkaline properties of baking soda will counteract some of stress’s effects on your body.

    I hope this gave you a few things to try right NOW!

    Hugs, (another stress reliever)


    Check out These 5 Essential Oils to help you feel Less Stress

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  • Wonderful Benefits of Walking

    The daffodils are blooming, tulips are poking up through the dirt and the grass is getting greener after it winter dormancy. Yes, Spring is in the air. With the sun shining more days, you may be feeling the nudge to get outside. Go with your instinct, get out for a walk. Better yet make it your new daily Springtime activity!

    March 30th is ‘Take a Walk in the Park Day’. The American Heart Association has dedicated April 6th as ‘National Walk Day’. The entire month of May is ‘National Walk Month’. Are you getting the hint? Need a few more incentives? Here’s a list  of some of the benefits of walking that might give you some more encouragement:

    • It Can Help Curbs Diabetes  According to the American Diabetes Association you can begin with a 5 minute slow-paced saunter, stretch for ten minutes, followed by a walk at moderate pace. The idea is to do something everyday building upon it to a longer and/or faster pace.

    healthypeople walking

    • It Lowers Risk of Cardiovascular Problems  A study by the Harvard Medical School revealed walking 20 minutes day can alleviate the risks of cardiovascular ailments by 30%. It does this by enhancing the level of HDL (good) cholesterol, and curbing the production of LDL (bad) cholesterol.
    • Helps Give Your Memory a Boost A recent study from the Boston memoryHealthcare System discovered that adults who took around 10,000 steps or more daily performed better on memory tests than those who walked less.


    • Helps in Preventing Cancer A Harvard University Women’s Health Study published their findings in 2012 that walking for 4 hours a week can possibly decrease the chances of cancer by almost 54%.


    • It Helps to Reduce Stress. A five to ten minute walk can help to clear your head. The change of the scenery and focusing on breathing can help lower your cortisol, so your stress is lower.  Researchers are discovering that surrounding yourself with nature can be one of the most powerful stress-relievers out there. According to a study in the journal, Environmental Science & Technology, researchers discover that people experienced the largest boosts to their mood and self-esteem after just spending five minutes outside. For even more stress relieving techniques while walking read Thich Nhat Hanh’s, A Guide to Meditation Walking.


    • It Helps to Tone Your Butt and Thighs Many fitness professionals say that the ideal way to tone your thighs and butts is to walk as fast as you can. They suggest you try to squeeze your butt after every ten steps.
    • It Helps to Improve Balance Studies have proven that walking on natural, uneven grounds, such as hiking trails and steps, reduces chances of slip and fall injuries in the elderly and enhances their balance.balancing
    • It Boosts Immune Function. All you need to do is walk for a half hour every day. This provides a boost to the cells in your body that are assigned to attack bacteria.

    With all these benefits, walking is the foundation for good health and makes life better!

    How about starting TODAY!

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  • De-STRESSing the Holidays with Essential Oils

    The time between Halloween and New Year’s Day can get overwhelming with all the things we feel obliged to do. In my two previous posts, De-Stressing the Holidays and De-Stressing the Holidays with Meal Shortcuts , I shared many of the things I do to make this time of year more enjoyable. Over the last several years I have been delving into essential oils and have found them to be amazing in bringing even more balance and harmony into my environment which helps me and those around me.

    One of the many things I like about essential oils is that they do most of the smelling e oilswork.  All I have to do is open the bottle and put a couple drops into my diffuser or take a whiff from the bottle!


    Here is a great gift for just about everyone any time of the year

    bath salts in jarRelaxing Bath Salts

     Mix 1 cup Epsom Salts with 10 drops of your favorite essential oil(s) and store in a sealed jar. Tie it up with a bow for gift giving!


    De-Stressing Essential Oils*

    Cypress – encourages one to cast aside worries and let go of control so they can enjoy the thrill of being alive

    Elevation, The Joyful Blend – assists in letting go of lower energy vibrations and can soothe the heart and balance emotions.

    Geranium  is a great balancer, due to it being an adrenal cortex stimulant, & helps regulate moods. It creates a sense of security and comfort It is gently uplifting and balancing. 

    Lavender – calms the insecurities that are felt when one risks their true thoughts and feelings.Essential aroma oil with lemon and mint on wooden background. Selective focus.

    Lemon – improves one’s ability to focus, restoring energy and mental flexibility

    Lime – instills courage and joy in the heart and reminds one to be grateful for the gift of life.

    Roman Chamomile – restores one’s confidence to do what they came to do

    Serenity, The Resting Blend – assists to calm feelings of hostility, fear, anger, jealousy, rage and resentment

    Ylang Ylang – assists those feeling over-stressed and helps restore joyfulness

    *NOTE – Not all essential oils are of the purity which is why I ONLY purchase from one brand, doTERRA Certified Pure Theraputic Grade Essential Oils. If you would like to learn more and/or purchase at Wholesale pricing, contact me, Kathy@kathyskinner.com

    Diffuser greenair


    This is a great diffuser to bring those up lifting aromas into yorur home or office. I’ve had mine for over 2 years and love it! Get it HERE



    Blessings for a wonderful Holiday Season,


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  • De-STRESSing the Holidays

    Since moving to the Northwest, I find that I really enjoy all the seasons even more than before. Each one brings something special. But more and more over the years it seems that Fall never lasts as long as the other seasons. Maybe it’s because of all the marketing for the holidays happens earlier and earlier each year. When I was young, it was taboo to have anything even in the stores for Christmas before Thanksgiving!

    Halloween-decorationThe Holidays can be stressful, that period of Halloween through New Year Day. Our ‘To-Do’ list can sometimes seem overwhelming. When I start feeling the panic of it all, I have learned to take several deep breathes and then begin to revisit my priorities. It always amazes me at how off track I can get due to pressures of society and well intended family and friends. Here are some things I have done to simplify so I can really enjoy this special time of the year. 

    The Basics:

    • Keep expectations for the season manageable.
    • Organize your time and make a list and prioritize the activities that really matter.praying hands
    • Be realistic about what you can and cannot do.
    • And remember to schedule some down time to relax and take care of yourself.

    O.K., I know what you’re thinking. That last bullet point might sound counterproductive during what’s supposed to be a season of loving your fellow man. But believe me it is REALLY important! 

    Regularly giving yourself time to regroup, without distractions, gives you both energy and calm. That means you will be more fun to be around AND you will be able to focus better, therefore accomplishing more in less time

    • exerciseGet your sleep, exercise, water & eat healthy. Having a small snack between meals can help to keep your stamina and mood up, so aim to eat something 4-5 times a day
    • Before answering an invitation or building a gingerbread house, Check in with your body first, every time pause to notice how you feel. Are you excited or tense, relaxed or head-achy, calm or vaguely nauseated. If you’re not good to go, don’t do it. And don’t worry about what others will think.
    • Say “yes” to the bigger gatherings. Attending events where you’ll see lots of faces in a short period really helps me feel less obligated to attend lots of smaller events over successive evenings. Big parties can be exhausting, but then you’re done.  


    • Take a mid-party break. Step outside. Look up at the stars. Or Find a quiet corner where you can listen to music alone for a few minutes or do some deep breathing, even if it’s just in the bathroom.

    De-stress the gift giving

    I don’t know about you, but I find gift shopping very stressful. All the tips below are ones I have done ( still do many) and they have all been received well.

    • Give the gift of experience. Tickets to a sporting event or arts performance, a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, membership to a zoo or museum. Bonus: One-stop shopping. You can give the same gift to many recipients.
    • gift certificateGive the gift of your presence. Make coupons for activities you can share with an older or younger relative: shopping or fishing outings, regular ice cream parlor visits, time to read together or play cards together. Young parents might like babysitting favors. Older adults might welcome drives in the country.
    • Give uniformly. Find a single gift that works for all the adult relatives or business associates on your list (a food or ornament souvenir from a favorite destination or your hometown) and another for all the kids (iTunes gift cards are a safe bet).
    • Give a handmade holiday.  Try burning CDs, a photo calendar or mug, making spaghetti sauce, baking, crafting, drawing, and so on. It’s amazing how creative even non-“handy” people can get.

    De-stress the Decorating

    All those lights, all that razzle-dazzle — it takes effort, not to mention energy and resources. Downshifting to a more ecologically friendly holiday is a simple way to get a simpler look.

    • Put up just a few lights or better, Skip the lights in front of the house (and maybe even the tree). Fewer watts to burn, fewer strings for you to get tangled in.
    • Decorate with natural elementsFill bowls with pinecones or clove studded oranges. Bring red berry &/ or pine branches indoors (or snip boughs from the christmas-tree-branches-lg bottom of the tree). Bonus: No hauling boxes of decorations down from the attic. When the season ends, you can just pitch everything on the compost pile.
    • Wrap gifts in paper you already have on hand. Ordinary newsprint or paper grocery bags look festive tied with string in red or silver. No newsprint in this digital age? Try recycling some of those holiday catalog pages for smaller gifts.


    De-stress Traditions

    At the root of a lot of holiday stress is feeling the need to do certain things, in a certain way, in the name of tradition. Maybe you want to please aging parents or carry on in their memory. Or maybe your focus is on creating the same traditions, so your kids will know them, too. Either way, the effort often creates more stress (for you) than bliss.

    • Don’t assume, ask. Find out which parts of the holiday truly mean the most to your loved ones. You might be surprised by what others really like. Caroling? A special feast? Baking together? Driving around to look at the lights andMother and daughter baking cookiesdecorations? Keep one or two of those traditions — period — and do them up.
    • Shift your focus. Decide to make happy memories, rather than continue traditions for tradition’s sake. The more relaxed an event, the more likely everyone will want to keep it up, making future holidays easier, too.

    Shifting the focus away from so-called ‘obligations’ to what really matters to those you love and care about will make for a happier next couple of months filled with precious memories.

    Get Meal Shortcut Tips HERE

    To help with De-Stressing the Holidays with Essential Oils click HERE


    Share your favorite traditions below,


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  • Conquering Plateaus

    We are just about half way into the year and a good time to check in on those New Year Health Goals you made. I hope you are still working on them. But maybe things aren’t coming along so well. After the initial gung-ho and the first results, it is sometimes hard to stay motivated. This especially happens when the positive results are not showing themselves as much or maybe not at all! There can be lots of reasons for the plateau.

     Below you will find a check list to help you with conquering plateaus and getting back on track. The list can be applied to any ‘Healthy Habit’ Goal you have set up for yourself, from physical, emotional, to relationships and more.


    Plateau Check List

    What Goal did you set for yourself? ________________________

    Ask yourself these three questions:

    • “What am I doing?” _______________________________________
    • “What’s working?” _______________________________________
    • “What isn’t working?” _______________________________


    Tips to Break Through the Plateau and Get Back on Track

    • journaling Be accountable to yourself.  Keep an ACTIVITY JOURNAL. Write down what are you doing? Eating? Feeling? Why do you suppose you are or aren’t doing what you said you wanted to do?


    • Revisit your “WHY”. What good results will you get by developing this ‘Healthy Habit’?


    surround yourself

    • Find a ‘Healthy Habit BUDDY’.  Set up check-in dates to encourage each other on your progress. Knowing you have to tell someone that you spent 20 minutes walking or clearing out closet clutter will help to keep you on track. My Buddy ___________________________


    • Lunch Change up your routine a bit. If packing your lunch and snacks for the day isn’t happening every morning then switch it to the evening before, preferably when making dinner. This way you can stay more on track with your goal to cut expenses and/or unhealthy eating. What needs to change up?  Changes to make _______________________________________


    • Have you been calendaring the ‘little’ activities to do that will get you to your goal? I love this  quote from John Alder -“If you want to accomplish something big, PUT IN ON YOUR CALENDAR. CONSIDER THAT IT’S NOT EVEN REAL UNTIL IT IS SCHEDULED.”  What to calendar ________________________________

    Assortment of High Fiber Foods

    • Are you getting enough of the basic food groups? Protein? Fiber? Healthy Fats? Veggies? Water???? The body needs fuel to get things done!  What foods to increase ____________________________

    Foods to decrease______________________

    • MH900422198 Are you getting 7-8 hours sleep most nights? Without adequate sleep, our hormone balance is off, making it harder to get the things done we need to do, react in a rational manner to situations that come up, to process our food and make good health decisions. How many hours am I averaging NOW? _______
    • Are your goals realistic? Do they need a little tweaking? Maybe a goal needs to be pitched because it isn’t relevant anymore. What to tweak _______________, what to pitch _____________________________

    Check out my Back to Basics blog post for more ways to get back on track.






    Needing a little bit of help, encouragement? Contact me at Kathy@kathyskinner.com. I’m here for YOU!

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  • Increase Your Goal Success

    We are now in the 2nd half of January, so how is your New Year coming out so far?
    Are you part of the 5% still working toward their goals? Or are you in the 95%, those people who have made a New Years Resolution and have already broken it?
    Most people don’t even make resolutions because they have been disappointed year after year on their lack of follow through.
    That’s because so many of the times resolutions are just “wish lists”.

    It is only natural that at the beginning of each New Year, people want a fresh start. If you have been ‘wishin an dreamin an hopin’ with out planning and taking action on that plan, then you are just dreaming. The nice thing about setting a goal and taking action on the plan towards achieving it, is that you can start ANYTIME! Yes, it is not too late!

    Check out these 3 Things to Increase Your Goal Success

    1. Start focusing on WHY instead of focusing on WHAT

    I think we are all pretty good at making plans. But it is the following questionmarkthrough that is the real struggle. At the beginning, we are filled with excitement of the idea. As the weeks go by and we aren’t seeing the results we want, it can get really hard to keep on going. At least that is what happens to me if I don’t have a really STRONG WHY I AM DOING THIS!

    So what is your WHY? Is it really a certain weight or dollar amount? Or is it really what that weight or money will get you, how you will feel? Like more energy, stamina to keep up with the kids, do more with family and/or friends, more emotional freedom. I have often told people to keep asking themselves why until they get an answer that makes them wan to cry. Then you know you got it!

    Write it out in positive statements in the present tense, as if it is happening NOW! Read it, preferably out loud, morning and night. Some find making a ‘vision’ board a very helpful reminder.

    1. Focus on Adding the Right Things into your life instead of taking the wrong things away.

    The Strawberriesidea is to increase the good things or habits so as to crowd out the not so good. One of the nice things about this is it reduces guilt. Guilt just adds more stress and bad feelings which aren’t very productive.


    1. Surround Yourself with Support

    Surround yourself with good people who posses solid experience, sometimes family or close friends are not the best choice because it means you will cd-book-glassesbe changing which will directly affect them. The more people you associate with (through being with or through CDs, books, presentations, etc.) who relate to your goals/dreams the more support you will get for those goals and dreams.


    Goal SuccessNeed a little more help with setting and achieving your goals? Check out a previous blog on how essential oils and asking good questions can possibly do just that. Get it HERE

    Achieving a goal is a process and it is in that journey that we really find success!

    Blessings on all your efforts,


    P.S. Leave a comments below on what you have found helpful towards reaching your goals. I always like hearing from you!


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  • Essential Oils for Goal Creating, Achieving

    “When we fail to plan, we plan to fail.”Goal Success

    This quote by so many leaders reminds us that we do have more control over our lives than we sometimes want to admit. Creating and achieving a goal is a journey in self-improvement and in gaining more control over our lives.

    When setting a goal, it needs to be specific, a clear WHY I Want It, steps to getting there and date for accomplishment. You can greatly enhance the process by using esDiffuser greenairsential oils for your goal creating and achieving process. For this process diffusing the oil in a diffuser or placing a drop in the palm of your hand, rub hands together and then breathe in.

    Learn about using essential oils HERE .  I only recommend the use of  doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils because of their of purity.

    Essential Oils for Goal Creating, Achieving

    Maybe you have already set some goals and just need a little help achieving them. If that is you scroll down for some oil suggestions.

    Or maybe you’re not real sure what goals to set for yourself. Breathe in an oil suggested here and start asking yourself questions like:

    • What do I want to experience more of right now? in my life?
    • If I had that, would it make a difference? How?
    • How serious am I in making changes in my life to accomplish this?

    Essential Oils to Help:         Make a Purchase

    You Gain Vision and Clarity about What You’d Like to Achieve  

    Balance®, The Grounding Blend – oil of grounding, clarifies; helps to provide balance

    Cassia – oil of self-assurance – helps assist in discovering innate gifts and talents

    Citrus Bliss®, The Invigorating Blend – oil of creativity, helps motivate one to use their true creative power

    Clary Sage – oil of clarity and vision, helps assist in opening creative channels

    InTune®, The Focus Blend – oil of presence, helps calm the mind facilitating inner peace

    Lemon – oil of focus, helps with mental clarity and clearing the mind

    Roman Chamomile – oil of spiritual purpose, helps support discovery and living ones true life purpose

    Rosemary – oil of knowledge and transition, helps during times of confusion, difficulty adjusting or learning

    Vetiver – oil of centering and descent, helps assist in deeply connecting with what one thinks and feels – can be very supportive in self-awareness work

    Wild Orange – oil of abundance, helps to foster creativity


    To help Remove Blocks try using:

    Basil – oil of renewal, gives hope and optimism

    Bergamot – oil of self-acceptance, supports self-love and acceptanceblack-pepper-oil-bottle

    Black Pepper – oil of unmasking, helps give strength to overcome challenges and issues carried inside

    Cassia – oil of self-assurance, helps bring gladness and courage to heart and soul

    Cilantro – oil of releasing control, facilitates emotional cleansing, shedding what is not in harmony with ones true self

    Clary Sage – oil of clarity and vision, helps assist in clearing creative blocks

    Cypress – oil of motion and flow, helps to remove emotional blocks

    Helichrysum – oil for pain, helps to restore confidence in life and in self

    Immortelle®, The Anti-aging blend – oil of spiritual insight, helps to assist in releasing negativity, and limiting perceptions

    Lavender – oil of communication, supports individuals in releasing tension and constrictions that stem from fear of expressing one’s self

    Oregano – oil of humility and non-attachment, helps remove blocks and clear negativity

    Purify®, The Cleansing Blend– oil of purification, diffused in air it can help facilitate emotional breakthroughs

    Thyme – oil of releasing and forgiving, helps to assist in addressing trapped feelings


    O.K. you have your GOAL, you’re focused on doing something each day that brings you closer to it – BUT – sometimes you just can’t get yourself going.

    Oils to help you Achieve Success:

    Balance®, The Grounding Blend – oil of grounding, helps to provide inner strength and fortitude

    Citrus Bliss®, The Invigorating Blend – oil of creativity, helps to return motivation and drive when it is lacking

    Ginger – oil of empowerment, helps individuals in taking full responsibility for their life circumstances, to choose their own destiny

    Lemon – oil of focus, helps to restore energy, mental flexibility and drive to complete a project

    Lemongrass – oil of cleansing, helps with dispeling feelings of despondency, despair and lethargy

    I would love to hear your comments on the oils, your goals, what support you might need. I’m here for you!


    P.S. If you have any questions on the oils, their uses, etc. email me kathy@kathyskinner.com

    Or if you are interested in making a purchase and like getting discounts (no sharing or selling required), go to https://www.mydoterra.com/kathyskinner/#/ 

    I can help you with that also! Kathy@kathyskinner.com

    The advice shared in document has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. Kindly understand that essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance – thus helping the body’s natural defenses to restore homeostasis

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  • 12 Way to De-Stress the Holidays

    The Holidays are here and causing this to be a stressful time for many. Family and friends are coming in to visit, there are parties to go to, meals to prepare, a lot of shopping to do; the list goes on and on. Give yourself a gift and check out the list below for ways to remove some of the stress and put back in more of the Holiday Cheer. – It won’t take long to look this over – I promise!


    1.  It might seem counterproductive to cram in time for yourself during what’s supposed to be a season of giving and loving others.  But gifting yourself with regular time to regroup, without distractions, gives you both energy and calm — making you more fun to be around AND you will be able to focus better therefore accomplishing more in less time.

    2.   Get your sleep, exercise, water & healthy eating. Do this last one 4-5 times a day

    cookie-exchange-invitations-2  3.   Before answering an invitation to an event or even a casual activity; check in with your body first, to notice how you feel. Are you excited or tense, relaxed or headachy, calm or vaguely nauseated. If you’re not good to go, don’t go. Don’t worry about what others will think. And if you do simply say, “I’m not sure, check back with me in a couple days.” Chances are very good they won’t and you will be off the hook!

    Have a mile-long gift list that you can’t seem to pare? Dread the jammed mall? Simplify gift giving with a little creative thinking that emphasizes people over stuff.

    4.   Give the gift of experience. Tickets to a sporting event or arts performance, a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, membership to a zoo or museum. This can become a gift to yourself with one-stop shopping when you give the same gift to many recipients.


    5.   Give the present of your presence. This is one of my favorite ways to give! It reduces stress of doing it now and it spreads out the giving, receiving and FUN over many months. Make coupons for activities you can share with an older or younger relative: shopping or fishing outings, regular ice cream parlor visits, time to read together or play cards together. Young parents might like babysitting favors. Older adults might welcome drives in the country.

    I even made up the certificate for you Click to get your Holiday Gift Certificate , my gift to YOU!

    6.   Give a handmade holiday.  Try burning CDs, making movies, making spaghetti sauce, baking, almonds in jar spicedcrafting, drawing, and so on. It’s amazing how creative even non-“handy” people can get.

    Need something quick AND easy? Check out my Roasted Nut Recipe HERE   


    All those lights, all that razzle-dazzle — it takes effort, not to mention energy and resources. This year simplify.

    7.   Put up just a few lights or better, Skip the lights in front of the house — and maybe even the tree. Fewer watts to burn, fewer strings for you to get tangled in.

    8.   Decorate with natural elements. Fill bowls with pinecones or clove studded oranges. Bring red berry &/ or pine branches indoors (or snip boughs from the bottom of the tree). When the season ends, you can just pitch everything on the compost pile.

    A lot of holiday stress is rooted in the name of tradition. You know doing certain things, in a certain way.

    9.   Find out which parts of the holiday truly means the most to your loved ones. You might be surprised by what others really like. Is it caroling? A special feast? Driving around to look at the lights and decorations? Keep one or two of those traditions — period — and do them up! Shift your focus. Decide to make happy memories, rather than continue traditions for tradition’s sake. The more relaxed an event, the more likely everyone will want to keep it up, making future holidays easier, too.

    10. Take a look at your daily and seasonal chores. Start delegating. If a person (children included) can do a job 75% as well as you do it, then they can do it. Unless of course it is to dangerous/ personal.

    11.  This short-cut I use all year round! – EVERY time you make a meal or snack – make twice as much and store the extra for a time you are rushed. This gift to yourself will definitely help you to more likely stay with your health & weight goals.

    12.  Take a little time to plan ahead which will save you a lot of time and
    • Make a list of everything needed for your meals (this can also become your shopping list).
    • Before putting away the groceries, chop up what is needed for a recipe.
    • Make as many dishes as far in advance a possible.
    What do you do to reduce the holiday stress load??? Would love to see you comments!
    Blessing for a Healthy and Merry Christmas!

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  • Portion Control at Family Gatherings

    Picture yourself at the Holiday family gathering. You are so proud of yourself as you’ve managed to stay away from the wonderful assortment of appetizers and those creamy mash potatoes smothered in rich gravy. Woman w pieBut then Aunt Nellie appears with her famous apple pie. You love her apple pie! So you have a bite to avoid offending her, and next thing you know, you’re back for seconds!

    The holidays make it especially hard to deal with food distractions. There are so many triggers that can cause us to overeat or make unhealthy food choices. That’s why it’s important to understand your eating triggers and learn strategies to deal with them.

    Here are a few common triggers and how to overcome them.


    Family pressure: Many times you feel forced to eat foods because people keep putting it in front of you.

    Why you cave: You don’t want to offend. Every family has “food pushers” who are hard to turn down, even for the most disciplined of us.

    Solution: Learn to say no politely, such as “No thank you, I’ve had enough. Everything was delicious”, or “I couldn’t eat another bite. Everything tasted wonderful”.

    If that’s not possible, get creative. Tell her, ‘I love your pie so much. I’m going to take some home with me.’ Then you have the option of throwing it away, giving it away, or dividing it into smaller portions and freeze to savor each separately later.


    Social snacking: At a party, you make multiple trips to the cheese & cracker tray and the dessert tray and drink too much wine – like everyone else there.

    people around apeitizersWhy you cave: It’s the mirroring effect, “We tend to see what others around us are eating and do what they’re doing.”

    Solution: Sit down, away from all the goodies. When you move around at parties you tend to graze more and lose track of what you’re eating.

    Another tactic: Eat a healthy meal or snack with Protein in it before you go to the party so you’re less inclined to overindulge, and drink 2 glasses of water before having each alcoholic or high calorie beverage.


    Cleaning your plate: Why you cave: If I want dessert, Mamma says I have to eat everything on my plate.

    Solution: Remember YOU are now in charge of YOU and YOUR BODY. You get to decide what you are and what you are not going to eat!


    What to do Before, During & After the Gathering

    1. Eat a healthy breakfast if your Thanksgiving meal will be at lunch. Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch if you’re meeting for supper. Portion control will be easier this way.
    2. Drink your water. Recent studies found that when people drink glass of watermore water throughout the day; they end up eating fewer total calories. Water and water-rich foods can help you feel full longer.  Keep a cup of water in hand at parties, sip water between bites, and meet your daily quota to help prevent overeating.
    3. Work out before the big meal. If your health club is closed, why not take the dog for a brisk walk? Even vacuuming the floors or shoveling snow can get your heart rate up. Working out up to 90 minutes before the meal will help keep your metabolism raised for at least four hours and your body will be able to process the meal more efficiently.
    4. BEFORE you arrive have a glass of water, a protein rich snack and/or take a ThermoBond tablet. (They help lower fat absorption. Get them HERE)
    5. When you get to the gathering. Be social! Greet everyone BEFORE you have any food or drink. And don’t stand around the food table. Focus your energies on making conversation with others instead of focusing on the food. Remember conversation is calorie-free.
    6. Be wise when choosing appetizers. A small portion of some appetizers may help you from overeating at dinner. Pick up a small plate, and stick with vegetables, but limit or avoid the creamy dips. Restrict your intake of butter crackers, chips, cheese and meats. If you must have a deep-fried appetizer, eat only one small serving. Never go back for seconds for appetizers.
    7. Filling your Plate. Put the turkey or meat (size of deck of cards) in center of the plate with a little potatoes & gravy on Plate-of-foodtop. Add a SMALL spoon of everything else around the edge. This keeps everyone happy that you took their special dish. If you don’t care for something, don’t eat it. PLAY with it. Only get another spoon of what you REALLY like BEST. YES, you should have food left on your plate. After all, you need to save room for a SMALL piece of dessert!
    8. Slow down. Savor your food and the experience of eating. You’ll eat less, feel more satisfied, and recognize feelings of hunger before it’s too late.
    9. The Day After.  Drink plenty of water (1/2 your body weight in ounces of water)
    10. Next 3 Days eat less especially sugary & fatty foods

    No moderation + No planning = Weight Gain

    Set your goals, make a plan, and write everything down. If you want to maintain your weight, then identify the events that you might be at risk for this holiday season.  If you have a gathering to attend, write down your strategies (see the above list). Review your strategies each day so you will know what to do when a temptation appears!

    Many blessings on you as you celebrate this wonderful time of year,


    Anyone willing to make a comment about a major reason why you might find it difficult to manage your weight during holidays?

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