12 Way to De-Stress the Holidays

The Holidays are here and causing this to be a stressful time for many. Family and friends are coming in to visit, there are parties to go to, meals to prepare, a lot of shopping to do; the list goes on and on. Give yourself a gift and check out the list below for ways to remove some of the stress and put back in more of the Holiday Cheer. – It won’t take long to look this over – I promise!


1.  It might seem counterproductive to cram in time for yourself during what’s supposed to be a season of giving and loving others.  But gifting yourself with regular time to regroup, without distractions, gives you both energy and calm — making you more fun to be around AND you will be able to focus better therefore accomplishing more in less time.

2.   Get your sleep, exercise, water & healthy eating. Do this last one 4-5 times a day

cookie-exchange-invitations-2  3.   Before answering an invitation to an event or even a casual activity; check in with your body first, to notice how you feel. Are you excited or tense, relaxed or headachy, calm or vaguely nauseated. If you’re not good to go, don’t go. Don’t worry about what others will think. And if you do simply say, “I’m not sure, check back with me in a couple days.” Chances are very good they won’t and you will be off the hook!

Have a mile-long gift list that you can’t seem to pare? Dread the jammed mall? Simplify gift giving with a little creative thinking that emphasizes people over stuff.

4.   Give the gift of experience. Tickets to a sporting event or arts performance, a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, membership to a zoo or museum. This can become a gift to yourself with one-stop shopping when you give the same gift to many recipients.


5.   Give the present of your presence. This is one of my favorite ways to give! It reduces stress of doing it now and it spreads out the giving, receiving and FUN over many months. Make coupons for activities you can share with an older or younger relative: shopping or fishing outings, regular ice cream parlor visits, time to read together or play cards together. Young parents might like babysitting favors. Older adults might welcome drives in the country.

I even made up the certificate for you Click to get your Holiday Gift Certificate , my gift to YOU!

6.   Give a handmade holiday.  Try burning CDs, making movies, making spaghetti sauce, baking, almonds in jar spicedcrafting, drawing, and so on. It’s amazing how creative even non-“handy” people can get.

Need something quick AND easy? Check out my Roasted Nut Recipe HERE   


All those lights, all that razzle-dazzle — it takes effort, not to mention energy and resources. This year simplify.

7.   Put up just a few lights or better, Skip the lights in front of the house — and maybe even the tree. Fewer watts to burn, fewer strings for you to get tangled in.

8.   Decorate with natural elements. Fill bowls with pinecones or clove studded oranges. Bring red berry &/ or pine branches indoors (or snip boughs from the bottom of the tree). When the season ends, you can just pitch everything on the compost pile.

A lot of holiday stress is rooted in the name of tradition. You know doing certain things, in a certain way.

9.   Find out which parts of the holiday truly means the most to your loved ones. You might be surprised by what others really like. Is it caroling? A special feast? Driving around to look at the lights and decorations? Keep one or two of those traditions — period — and do them up! Shift your focus. Decide to make happy memories, rather than continue traditions for tradition’s sake. The more relaxed an event, the more likely everyone will want to keep it up, making future holidays easier, too.

10. Take a look at your daily and seasonal chores. Start delegating. If a person (children included) can do a job 75% as well as you do it, then they can do it. Unless of course it is to dangerous/ personal.

11.  This short-cut I use all year round! – EVERY time you make a meal or snack – make twice as much and store the extra for a time you are rushed. This gift to yourself will definitely help you to more likely stay with your health & weight goals.

12.  Take a little time to plan ahead which will save you a lot of time and
  • Make a list of everything needed for your meals (this can also become your shopping list).
  • Before putting away the groceries, chop up what is needed for a recipe.
  • Make as many dishes as far in advance a possible.
What do you do to reduce the holiday stress load??? Would love to see you comments!
Blessing for a Healthy and Merry Christmas!

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